Andrew Sorrell for State Auditor

Thank you for visiting my website! The Auditor’s office tracks $1.7 billion dollars’ worth of state property spread out over 176 different state agencies. I believe that Alabama citizens deserve to have every penny of this property accounted for.  I also believe we need an Auditor who will appoint Registrars that will keep the voter rolls clean to protect election integrity. That is why I decided to run for State Auditor.

I hope you will take a minute to learn more about my background, my qualifications, and my conservative upbringing.

I want to be your State Auditor. I am a social and fiscal conservative and I believe the experience I have as a State Representative from House District 3 has prepared me for this position. I encourage you to explore the issues section to find out what I stand for and what voting record has been in Montgomery.



My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all Baptist preachers. Therefore, I was raised in a conservative home with traditional Christian values. I am 100% pro-life; I believe in religious liberty, and I believe that parents should have the final say over how they raise their children and what they are taught in school. I will always support Christian cultural values that have served America so well.



Many political candidates claim to be conservative because it gets them votes. Few of them actually have the track record to prove it. I was awarded the Conservative Policy Warrior award by the Alabama Policy Institute in 2020, and the Club for Growth Foundation rated me the #1 legislator in Alabama for my economic voting record. I consider myself a fiscal and social conservative.



When I ran for State Representative in House District 3, I flipped an “unwinnable” seat that had been held by the Democrats for 140 years. I fully support the principles and platform of the Alabama Republican Party. I also served at the highest levels of the Alabama Republican Party on the Steering Committee as a Vice-Chairman for the 4th & 5th Congressional Districts for 4 years.