Train Track Overpasses

I want to see overpasses built over the train tracks on Avalon Avenue in Muscle Shoals and Montgomery Avenue in Sheffield. As your next State Representative, this will be my top infrastructure priority.

While I’m thankful for the railroad company and the economic impact it has on our community, the sometimes 2-hour delays are hurting our local businesses. Nobody wants to risk getting lunch in downtown Sheffield for fear they’ll get caught by the train and be late getting back. Trains used to just cross the roads. Now, often times they will park and be there for hours!

One Sheffield police officer told me he was stuck waiting on the train as another officer was being beaten by thugs on the other side of the tracks. Another HUGE problem is that the railroad tracks are on the way to Helen Keller hospital! How would you like to have a loved one on the way to the hospital and the ambulance have to detour and take the long way around?

Now I know that many politicians have promised that they’ll get you an overpass if you’ll vote for them. Politicians have been saying that for 50 years. Can I absolutely guarantee you that I’ll have an overpass built during my first term? No, I can’t promise you that. But I can promise you that NO ONE will fight harder to get this done than I will. I’ll build the right relationships, I’ll get on the right committees, I’ll call the Governor about it once a month for four years if I have to, and this project WILL NOT be overlooked.

The Shoals is the farthest geographical point from Montgomery in Alabama, and sometimes I think they forget about us up here in this corner of the State. We need a strong Representative with some energy and enthusiasm to make sure our County gets its share of infrastructure dollars from the State.

If you’re sick of sitting on Avalon Ave. or Montgomery Ave. and looking nervously at your watch as the boxcars roll by, please consider voting for me for State Representative, District 3.