Supporting the Animal Shelter

Many politicians have promised to help the animal shelter if they got elected, and then were never heard from again. I’m running for State Representative, and I intend to help the animal shelter if I get elected too…and to prove it, I donated $1000 to them back in May of this year. They were nice enough to share some information with me and give me a tour of the facility.

I believe the staff and volunteers at the shelter are doing a phenomenal job. Here are some statistics to consider:

In 2013 there were 2078 pets dropped off at the shelter, and 917 were euthanized. Through hard work, fundraising, and better adoption efforts, the numbers steadily improved each year. Last year, 2000 pets were dropped off at the shelter and only 10 were euthanized (and these 10 were dying and could not be saved.) Adoptions have increased by almost 50% in the last 4 years.

As your next State Representative, I will sponsor legislation to increase the minimum penalties for people convicted of cruelty to animals. According to employees at the Colbert County shelter, usually people convicted of this are given a $50 fine and probation on owning an animal for 2 years. This is an absolute outrage! If we are serious about ending animal cruelty, the penalties need to be MUCH stiffer.

Secondly, I will help the animal shelter fundraise so they can continue the excellent work that they are doing.

Finally, my wife and I will adopt a pet from the shelter as soon as this campaign is over. Her cat recently died, and she wants to wait to adopt a kitten until she has time to play with it. I have already adopted several pets from the shelter including my current cat named D’Artagnan.

**The shelter wanted to make sure everyone knew that if you REALLY can’t afford to feed your pet, they will give you food and medical help for free. Please don’t bring them your pet once it is starved and too late to save. Come and ask for help before it gets to that point!**

If you love pets, want to help the animal shelter, and want to see people convicted of cruelty to animals face stiffer penalties for their actions, I would appreciate your consideration and your vote in the November 6th general election.