Other Important Issues

28 Years is Long Enough

It’s time for some young energy and fresh ideas.  This seat has been in the hands of the Democratic Party since Reconstruction. I believe the district could benefit from electing a conservative Republican who will work to reduce taxes, lower unemployment, clean up corruption, and fund important local infrastructure projects.


Farming feeds Alabama.  Here are a few ways I will support local agriculture:
  1. Make sure “roads to market” are accessible and useable.
  2. Oppose regulations that add to crop production expenses.
  3. Support tax credits for irrigation systems or other capital investment projects.
  4. Fight excessive restrictions on water quality or irrigation run-off.
  5. Oppose inspections on farm equipment traveling on public roads and agricultural load limits on those roads.
  6. Support funding of invasive species research.
  7. Property Rights (Eminent Domain)
I will defend private property rights. The U.S. Constitution establishes that property can only be taken for public use. As a result, these instances should be fairly rare. “Public use” does not mean that the government can seize it and sell it to a private corporation just so the government earns more tax revenue off of the property.  Property can be taken to build roads or utility easements, but should never be seized so that a private corporation can build a new shopping mall or for any other business-related activity.

Tort Reform

For businesses in Alabama to thrive, they have to be protected from frivolous lawsuits. While I support a fair and just court system that reimburses citizens for expenses due to negligence of others, we need to prevent frivolous lawsuits that bog down our court system and cost the state thousands as we adjudicate the suit. Additionally, we need to pass statutory maximum damage limits for medical malpractice lawsuits. Placing a cap on the amount of these awards will help to keep the cost of health insurance down.

Human Trafficking

The definition of human trafficking according to Dictionary.com is: “The illegal practice of procuring or trading in human beings for the purpose of prostitution, forced labor, or other forms of exploitation.” It would be easy to assume this would never happen in your backyard, but I-20 is actually considered a trafficking superhighway. We must take steps to protect children, immigrants, and other vulnerable individuals. Here are some concrete steps Alabama can take to join the international fight against human trafficking:
    • Pass laws with stricter penalties for perpetrators.
    • Provide medical and psychological care, appropriate shelter, and legal assistance to victims. Also, help victims re-establish themselves in the workforce.
    • Provide training to state troopers and local law enforcement to help them spot victims of human trafficking on routine traffic stops, especially on our interstates.
    • Run a public awareness campaign to inform average citizens what they can do to join in the fight against human trafficking.
I will work on behalf of the citizens of our district to end modern day slavery in Alabama.