Hannah’s Biography

Hannah Sorrell is a 29-year-old real estate agent, certified English and Social Studies teacher, and is an avid reader, a classically trained singer, and Andrew Sorrell’s biggest fan.

Hannah is the youngest child of a pharmacist and a teacher and was raised in a Christian home.

Besides serving in the music ministry in church, Hannah has a passion for civics. In high school, Hannah won an essay contest and was chosen to participate in the Youth Legislative Training Conference in Washington, D.C. through the American Association of Christian Schools. She has always loved studying government, and that love shaped her decision to study Middle School Education with an emphasis in Language Arts and Social Studies in college.

After graduating Bob Jones University in 2014, Hannah was hired as a graduate assistant to teach Public Speaking to freshmen in college, while also working on a Master of Arts in Communication Studies at BJU.

One of Hannah’s siblings has a learning disability, and this uniquely equipped her to work with kids who have similar challenges. After grad school, Hannah was hired to teach students with special needs at Hidden Treasure Christian School in Taylors, SC. Hannah taught History, Grammar, Literature, Government, and Economics. She had a particular burden to help her students understand the voting system. On the day of the presidential election, Hannah’s class held their own election. The students more accurately predicted the winner of the 2016 election than most media outlets!

In May of 2016 Hannah went on a church history tour in Europe. On the tour she began talking to a guy she overheard discussing elections and campaigning. In between gelato, croissants, and Yorkshire pudding, Hannah fell in love with her husband, Andrew. On June 30, 2017, the couple married in Greenville, SC at Hannah’s home church. You can read more about how they met here. Hannah fell in love with Alabama almost as quickly as she fell for Andrew, and is proud to call Alabama her new home state. Hannah and Andrew’s first child was born October 18th, 2021, a baby girl they named Liberty.