Economy & Taxation

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Every politician in Alabama promises to create jobs; however, few of them actually know how. Even fewer have ever actually created a job themselves or started a small business. I am 35 years old and have started multiple small businesses and created numerous Alabama jobs. I have seen first-hand how government regulations, fees, and red tape stunt business growth and discourage entrepreneurship.

As a representative in Montgomery, I sponsored a bill to eliminate the Business Personal Property tax and Business Privilege tax. These two job-killers are paperwork nightmares, and one goes so far as to charge tax annually on all business assets. That includes desks, chairs, lamps, coffee pots, trashcans, staplers, Christmas decorations, toilet paper, etc. It’s just nuts!


I have fought several ballot referendums that sought to raise taxes on hard-working Alabama residents. One of these tax increases was on the ballot in Colbert County. In 2013 Colbert had raised property taxes by 3 mills. By the spring of 2015 the Colbert County School Board was again seeking higher taxes. I led a group of grassroots activists who defeated this “Farm Tax” by a shocking 87% to 13% margin. (Over the next 2 years, the reserves of the Colbert County School Board went from $3 million to $6 million, proving the proposed tax increase had been completely unnecessary.)

As a representative, I voted against the 2019 gas tax. I also voted against numerous “fee increases” which are really just tax increases in disguise. I am an actual small-government conservative, and I have the voting record to prove it.


Economic Development

I believe government has an important role to play in economic development. It is the government’s responsibility to create a business-friendly environment by keeping taxes low, regulations few, and playing fields level. Beyond these three things, government’s role should be merely recruiting businesses based on the availability of natural resources, convenience to population centers, and ensuring local infrastructure meets the needs of private enterprise.

I oppose expanding existing social welfare programs, and do not support corporate welfare programs.

I support promoting organic economic growth through small business formation. I support entrepreneurship and free enterprise, which will bring us the jobs that we need into this state. I will also promote these two education ideas which will directly impact the future of our local economy:

  1. Teach entrepreneurship classes beginning in high school. Children today are programmed to look for jobs rather than looking for opportunities.
  2. Allow students to explore multiple interests rather than pressuring them to choose a career track at a young age.