Auditor Issues

Auditing State Property

This is the largest and most important duty of the State Auditor. Keeping track of $1.7 billion worth of state property spread out over 176 state agencies is no small task! Every item worth $500 or more is tracked by the Auditor’s office, including items worth less than $500 that contain sensitive data (computers, hard drives, etc.) I want to make sure every penny of property belonging to the citizens of Alabama is properly accounted for. My political experience in the legislature and my professional background as an entrepreneur have perfectly prepared me to perform this duty.

Appointing Registrars

The State Auditor is responsible for appointing registrars in 66 of the 67 Alabama counties. These are the people directly responsible for registering citizens to vote and keeping the voter rolls clean. I will appoint registrars who will routinely purge the voter rolls of people who have passed away, moved away, or been imprisoned with loss of voting privileges.

Restoring Responsibility

The legislature has stripped the State Auditor’s office of many of its original duties and responsibilities. I feel this is a mistake. I support returning the Department of Public Examiners to underneath the Auditor umbrella and giving the Auditor more enforcement power. This is a valuable position, but it could be used much more effectively for the citizens of this state if it was restored to its original purpose.

Board of Adjustment

By statute, the State Auditor serves on the Board of Adjustment. This is an independent, quasi-judicial agency of the Legislative Branch of the State of Alabama. It considers claims by individuals for damages for which there is no court remedy due to Alabama’s sovereign immunity. Any claim against the state, a board, agency, or department will have a hearing before the Board of Adjustment. I will personally attend these hearings instead of sending a designee, and I will pray for wisdom with each vote I cast.