A Republican for the Working Man

Eight ways I will help the working man in House District 3:

  1. I will fight illegal immigration. I believe a healthy influx of LEGAL immigrants is healthy for a country. However, the #1 threat to American workers is illegal immigrants stealing their jobs. From a national security standpoint, we need to know who these people are and why they’re coming (and make sure they aren’t trafficking drugs or children!) They also need to be paying taxes…not collecting welfare, food stamps, and free healthcare. I will discuss illegal immigration in more detail in another post soon.
  2. I will fight higher taxes. I believe that government is too big and your paycheck is too small. I want you to keep more of it. Low taxes stimulate economic growth and prosperity.
  3. I will recruit jobs to House District 3. Every politician tells you they will bring jobs to the district, but how many of them have actually ever created a job themselves? My two companies have created almost 50 Alabama jobs, and I’ve managed multi-million dollar budgets. I understand how to bring business into the Shoals. I have complete confidence I can represent our district well to potential employers (especially spin-offs from Toyota/Mazda.)
  4. I will get able-bodied folks off welfare/government assistance. The Bible says, “if you don’t work, you don’t eat.” What America has said is, “If you don’t work we will feed you, give you housing, healthcare, and a free cell phone, and we’ll tax the people who do work and make them pay for it.”
  5. I will promote small business growth by eliminating burdensome regulations, reducing or eliminating the business personal property tax and business privilege tax, and working to establish a Colbert County location of the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center. Most new jobs come from small businesses, so supporting them provides better job opportunities for working men and women.
  6. I will work to secure funding for overpasses at the train tracks on Avalon and Montgomery Ave. so working men and women don’t waste their time waiting on a parked train.
  7. I will support choices in education, so that every child has the opportunity to succeed. I will not force a child to stay in a failing school, but will support the parents’ right to transfer them to a school system where they will get a better quality of education and have the chance at a higher-paying job.
  8. I will provide funding for technical training programs in developing career fields, so that everyone can quickly learn a skill and get to work.

If you share these ideas with me, please vote for me on November 6th.