An Early Conversation

By Hannah Sorrell   “Do you think it would be hard on a couple to have a political campaign during their first year of marriage?” “Well,” I said thoughtfully, “It depends on the couple.” “What if it was us?” This conversation happened very early on in my relationship with Andrew. We knew that we were serious about each other, but Andrew was aware of the intensity of a campaign and holding office. What I was most concerned about was not the campaign or the office, but the heart behind the race. I asked Andrew why he was running, and his answers solidified my answer to his question. “Let’s do it.” There were two main reasons I was willing to enthusiastically join Andrew on this journey. The first was Andrew’s extensive involvement with the Republican Party, along with his work on the specific issues. The more questions I asked, the more I came to realize that Andrew knew what he was talking about, and more than that, he had worked exhaustively to make a difference in his community. Being informed is important, but putting the information into action is a vital component to being a good candidate. Since we met I have watched Andrew stand up for right, even to the point of voting to support the Republican Party’s resolution to call on Governor Bentley to resign. The second main reason I am thrilled to walk with Andrew through this race is because of who Andrew is as a person. I love Andrew for many reasons, but three in particular also contributed to my support of his desire to serve District 3. First, Andrew is very committed to what he believes in. I have witnessed that in our relationship as well as in his involvement in politics. When we were dating, Andrew would drive over fourteen hours almost every weekend so we could spend time together. From the very beginning, he has been wholly devoted to me in small things and large things. This commitment extends to making his businesses the best they can be and to serving the people of Alabama in public office. Second, Andrew is a conservative Christian. I dedicated my life to Christ at a young age, and Andrew has a similar testimony. We look forward to serving in a local church. We also believe God has called us to this campaign as a way we can serve Him together. Third, Andrew is one of the most hard-working people I know. In a generation that is criticized for being lazy, Andrew’s commitment to always putting forth his best stands out. He does what needs to be done, and will not ask any of his volunteers to do anything that he will not do himself. I have always been passionate about civic involvement. I wanted to teach young people to understand the processes of government. Once I graduated with my Masters in Communication, I took a job teaching History and Government at a special needs school. I have always admired those who sacrifice their time and resources to set out to make a difference, but little did I know that I would have the joy of being married to one of those people.